Clearing your Browser Cache

If you're experiencing issues with Prodigies Academy, sometimes you can fix it by clearing your browser's storage and refreshing the page.

Find your browser in the list below, and then follow the steps inside.

Google Chrome

To clear your local storage and browser cache inside Chrome, do the following steps:

Local Storage

  1. Login to Prodigies Academy.
  2. From the Prodigies Academy website, press F12 to open the Developer tools.
  3. Click on the Applications tab, and then click on Clear Storage.
  4. Click Clear site data.
  5. Close the Developer tools window, and refresh the page.

Browser Cache

  1. Press CTRL + Shift + Delete (cmd on a Mac). You can also click on the more button in the top right, then click More Tools, and then Clear browsing data.
  2. Choose a time range, or select All time to delete everything.
  3. Check the boxes next to Cookies and Cached folders.
  4. Click Clear data.